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Are You Concerned About Debt Collection?

You may have searched the web for a debt collector and been faced with adverts and websites all promising the same thing, to get your money back.

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Making The Right Choice Is Easier Than You Think

Sending letters and making phone calls can often leave you empty handed, and even where you have obtained a court order in relation to a debt owed, you may still struggle…

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What Is Debt Collection & Who Uses It?

Some people and businesses rack up debt and are unwilling to pay back what they owe. Debt collection can be used by both businesses and individuals to recover money owed to them.

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Make The Right Choice.

Sending letters and making phone calls can often leave you empty handed, and even where you have obtained a court order in relation to a debt owed, you may still struggle to get your debtor to pay up. In addition, chasing debt can be stressful and time consuming. You need to focus on running your business, and chasing debt without an efficient and effective strategy can affect your business significantly.

We can recommend a debt collection service and assistance that gets results. When you contact us we will repond quicky and give you contact details of who to call, so you understand how best to proceed. We only advise clients where we believe we will be able to recommend someone who can help – we will not waste your time or money. Whether you need to have a single debt recovered, or a businesses who have a number of debtors, we can find someone to help. If you are struggling to recover a debt the last thing you need is a surprise when it comes to recovery costs. We will recommend someone who will seek to recover the maximum amount owed to you, including any expenses incurred when recovering debt.

Debt collectors we recommend will help:

  • Clients from all backgrounds to reclaim money owed

  • Personal Debt Collection

  • Small Debt Recovery

  • Large Debt Recovery

  • Corporate Debt Recovery

  • Recovery Of Multiple Debts

  • Face-To-Face  Debt Collection

  • Surveillance

  • High Court Enforcement

  • CCJ Enforcement

What is Debt Collection and Who Uses it?

Some people and businesses rack up debt and are unwilling to pay back what they owe. Debt collection can be used by both businesses and individuals to recover money owed to them. There are many different methods of debt collection. You may have seen online debt collection services and debt collection agencies that send letters and make phone calls to recover debt. More effective action is often needed to ensure you get what is owed to you.

Debt collection use well-proven methods to help clients recover what they are owed from both businesses and individuals. When you get in contact with us, we will advise on the best strategy to recover as much outstanding debt as possible for you, as well as recommend an agent. Our debt collection knowledge is industry-leading, and we work with every client in an efficient and effective way. We are proud of our success rate, and we guarantee you will be satisfied.

Business to Business (B2B) Debt Recovery.

It is a simple fact that carrying too much debt can interfere with cashflow and as a result, destroy your business. Working with a debt collection team on an ongoing basis can help you maintain good cashflow, and in challenging times can even save your business. However, you need to act quickly to take action to stop debt from crippling your business. For smaller or medium sized business, even a single large debt can put the business in a precarious situation. You debt collector must have experience and understanding of B2B debt collection and have helped clients in a broad variety of industries including; wholesale, manufacturing, construction, recruitment and many more. Get your business finances back on track!

Average Debt Recovered Personally 28%
Average Debt Recovered By Solicitors 53%
Average Debt Recovered By Debt Collectors 97%

Personal Debt Collection.

Recovering debt owed by friends, family, bounced cheques or bills left unpaid for goods or services can be frustrating. Why should you suffer financially after loaning someone money, selling something of value or carrying out work for another person? You may have no idea how to approach recovering personal debt, or feel like you are wasting your time.

You may even be tempted to write off the debt as a costly mistake, as a highly experienced team can help recover debt when it comes to personal debt collection. Your debt collection agents need to know how important it is for your finances to recover money owed to you, and they must have a high recovery rate. When you discuss your case, your agent should be mindful that some cases may be sensitive and require a degree of tact and balance maximum recovery with tactile action.

Asset Recovery.

Debt collectors can help with asset recovery, including repossession of assets such as cars and other motor vehicles. You should be treated with respect and understanding – we know your reputation is important to you. Therefore, choose a company that operates with strict codes of conduct, so you are confident of a high level of professionalism when you work with them.

What is Traditional Debt Collection?

You can use a variety of traditional debt collection methods to recover money owed to you. Often, clients come to use these services as a last resort, as they have been let down by collection agencies and feel they have exhausted every other option. We will recommend an agency that will take all the steps possible to ensure repayment of debt. We can find someone to help you no matter how old the debt owed to you is and will use methods the ensure that paying back what is owed to you is treated as a priority by debtors. The reason that we recommend traditional debt collection methods is quite simply, because it gets results. While many debt collectors use online methods, letters and emails this are easily ignored by debtors. However, it is much more challenging to ignore or avoid a person standing in front of them, and traditional face-to-face debt collection can make your debtors take repayment seriously. We can find someone to help you with recovering a single debt, or we can manage all of the bad debts your business may have. We advise on both UK debts and any cases where debtors are overseas. When it comes to the reputation of your business, you need a team of debt collectors who will be both effective and professional

What Does a Debt Collector Do?

You may be wondering about what exactly a debt collector does, or how they might be able to help you. At [Which Debt Collector?] we find people for both personal collection services and business debt collection services. Using traditional debt collection methods include making doorstep visits for face-to-face debt collection. If your debtor has moved from the address registered on their account, collection agencies can carry out an extensive investigation to track them down. They use sophisticated tracing systems to find debtors, and can even help you where your debtor is overseas. Where collection methods need reinforcement, they can take legal action in the High Court.

What Are the Best Forms of Debt Collection?

Debt collection is never easy, but as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many people and businesses are racking up debts and avoiding paying what they owe. While businesses in the UK struggle to keep their heads above water, others are using the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to avoid paying what they owe. If you are having problems with a single person or business, or where you have a number of outstanding debts, traditional debt collection may be the only route forward to ensure you keep your business afloat. Good debt collection agencies use a number of traditional debt collection methods, because it gets the best results.

Trying to recover debt using letters or emails can be fruitless, and while you have likely gone through this process you may not have gotten the results you expected. Face-to-face recovery could help you get back on track. Many people attempt to use online recovery services such as Money Claim Online, but these methods have a very low success rate. The issue is that often the debtor will have moved, and without the help of debt collection investigators it may be impossible to track them down and recover the money owed to you. Even pursuing a debt in the Small Claims Court can be challenging, time consuming and leave you getting only a small sum of money each month – even where the debtor has significant assets.

Also, where you take your debtor to court even where you win your case you may still not get what is owed to you. A successful court case merely gets you a piece of paper, which states the debtor must pay you the money owed – you may still need to take action to enforce the court judgement.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the courts are suffering significant delays and it could now take months or even years to get a court judgement, then even longer to enforce the judgement. At present, it is estimated to take around 16 months to have your action heard in court. You can save time and money, by simply utilising the skill and experience of a professional debt collection team to get results.

The Right Strategy For You.

We will assess your case on the information provided and devise the best strategy for your circumstances. We always fully analyse whether we can help recommend someone to recover the money owed to you before taking advising you. Traditional methods such as face-to-face collection is not suitable for every case, and we want to be sure we can help you get what is owed. We will not waste your money, or any time chasing debt that is not recoverable. Many people come to us after they have received a court judgement, which they are struggling to enforce. Many have tried other debt collection agencies or online recovery methods. We will recommend a very good, old-fashioned face to face recovery agency with a very high success rate.

How To Choose The Best Debt Collection Company?

Choosing the right organisation to recover debt for you or your business can be challenging. You may never have had any experience of working with debt collectors, and choosing the best debt collector for your circumstances can be confusing. How do you know what the right strategy is? How can you recover debt quickly? Will the organisation ensure the reputation of your business or brand is upheld?

We fully understand what methods get results efficiently and effectively. While you may have looked into or even tried collection agencies, they may have failed to get you the results you need. We know companies that will not stop until they have recovered every penny owed to you, including any recovery costs you may have incurred.

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